Intelligence – It gives the “R” in ROI a whole new meaning

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ControllerXWhat was initially referred to as ‘intelligent patching systems’ has been around for more than a decade, and now goes by the industry name of Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) systems. While the early systems were, as one of my colleagues calls them, “cabling with blinky lights,” today’s AIM systems deliver a complete and up-to-date picture of the physical layer, as well as the location and connection map for all connected devices. Over time, functionality has been added, providing even greater visibility into how the network connects to devices.

CommScope has been a pioneer and industry leader in AIM and has added functionality to meet customer needs and changes in technology. We have customers using AIM for managing everything from hot desking to managed services to campus connectivity in a healthcare facility and more.

And while the added functionality that AIM brings has been very appealing, it doesn’t always meet everyone’s budget.

There are applications that are perfect for AIM but have a Layer 1 configuration that just doesn’t lend itself to a controller in every rack. To address this, CommScope announced a new in-rack controller that is designed to meet these specific use cases. The new imVision Controller X will power and monitor up to 10 RU of intelligent panels in up to 3 separate consecutive racks.

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Controller X also has a larger, more responsive 5-inch capacitive touch screen. So, if you are thinking about all the benefits that intelligence can bring to your network (like security, PoE monitoring, and automated documentation, to name a few) then your CommScope Sales representative can help you prepare a customized ROI. With initial deployment costs as low as they have ever been, now might be the time to see if you can save money by making your smart building or your advanced data center intelligent.

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Besst Head Shot 2

LeaAnn Carl

LeaAnn Carl is the product line manager responsible for CommScope's Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution. LeaAnn has more than 15 years of experience in software product development and integration. Prior to joining CommScope, she spent nine years at Hewlett Packard in the Business Critical Systems division and held IT management positions at other Fortune 500 companies. She has a bachelor of science degree in finance from Texas A&M University.