Assure home services with Wi-Fi 6 /6E enabled solutions

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A banda larga doméstica é mais essencial do que nunca para trabalhar em casa, estudar em casa, proporcionar tratamentos em casa e se divertir. Delivering reliable, high-performance all the way to the end device is critical for improving customer satisfaction and reducing support costs.

That’s why our broad portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 enabled home gateways is designed to combine the high-speed, low-latency connectivity users crave—with the reach and reliability cable operators demand. And with HomeAssure®, our service management platform, service providers can simplify Wi-Fi installation, optimize connectivity, and gain valuable insights that reduce service issues and support costs.

Look out for news of our forthcoming future Wi-Fi 6E gateways which use the new uncongested 6GHz spectrum to offer even higher levels of performance and reliability.

Learn more about how services providers can deliver amazing, connected experiences to subscribers in this short video.


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