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6_Zuzana-Pospechova Zuzana Pospechova October 16, 2019

19_Employees_Health_CSRAt CommScope, happy employees are productive employees. Our well-being program, Good for You, provides physical, emotional, and financial well-being resources. In 2018, we expanded the scope of the program to include all facilities by identifying and engaging wellness champions at the facilities outside the U.S. region.

Many sites have taken proactive steps over the past few years to promote health and well-being awareness and to organize activities for employees. These include:

  • On-site health clinics at manufacturing facilities. Supervised by a medical doctor and/or staffed with nurse practitioners, these clinics provide preventive care, disease management, prescriptions, and treatment for chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Wellness champions who raise awareness about healthy living by encouraging employee participation in the well-being program, healthier eating, weight loss programs and walking challenges.
  • On-site fitness centers.
  • Financial planning resources to help employees with major life events, or to help manage their monthly budget and get out of debt.
  • GuidanceResources.
  • Annual biometrics screening and flu shots. CommScope partners with third-party service providers to offer on-site biometric screenings and flu shots in multiple facilities around the world. This screening provides employees information about their personal health and identifies potential health risks, if any.

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Recognizing that employee well-being is impacted by many aspects of life—physical and mental health, personal relationships, career, family, finances and education—CommScope introduced a new program called GuidanceResources in 2018. The program aims to help employees take on these life events with confidence, whether it is a positive change like buying a first home, or an overwhelming challenge such as tackling mounting debt.

GuidanceResources provides access to information, counseling and more to assist employees with a wide variety of life situations including coping with loss, drug and alcohol abuse, family and parenting issues and much more.

“Having a caring resource to turn to for support and guidance can make even the toughest of life’s challenges more manageable,” said Dr. Robin Schroyer, manager of corporate health and well-being for CommScope, who helped bring GuidanceResources on board. “We wanted to put together a program that all employees and their families, no matter where they live, can use and benefit. GuidanceResources is superior to similar programs available, providing world-wide support and assistance that is culture and country-specific. The range of life situations it supports is almost limitless.”

GuidanceResources is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there is never a financial charge to employees for the information and guidance provided. When an employee or a member of an employee’s family calls GuidanceResources, they will speak live and in confidence to a specialist who will determine the type of expertise their situation requires and start the process of getting them the right support. Employees can request something as routine as a referral to a trustworthy car repair shop in their local community or as personal as marriage counseling. The program provides services and support across four key areas:

  • Financial Guidance—From creating a college savings plan for children, to tax questions, mortgage help, budgeting and much more. GuidanceResources can connect employees to the right information, advice and services.
  • Legal Assistance—Consultation on common tenant/landlord issues, estate planning, and many other legal matters. If an employee’s issue requires more in-depth attention, GuidanceResources offers 25 percent off legal fees when the employee or a family member engages an independent legal representative from the GuidanceResource network.
  • Work-life Balance—From child or elder care to home repair companies to medical services and much more, GuidanceResources can save employees time by doing the “legwork” to find reputable services in their area.
  • Personal Counseling/Coaching—Working with a professional to help manage and prevent challenges. Employees can talk to a licensed professional in their area, confidentially, and at no cost to them. This service does not count against employee health insurance and there is no deductible.

In the first few months alone, more than 1,000 CommScope employees around the world received services under the GuidanceResources program.

Taken together, the Good for You and GuidanceResources programs offer a wealth of guidance, resources and support to keep CommScope employees happy and healthy. These programs are an essential part of high productivity and high-quality work. More information can be found in CommScope’s annual Corporate Sustainability Report

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Zuzana Pospechova is the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communication networks. Based in Richardson, TX, Ms. Pospechova has been in this position for the past five years. She previously worked in the environment, health and safety field at the company’s facilities in Brno, Czech Republic and Lochgelly, Scotland. She assumed the role for global environment, health and safety within the ACCG group before moving into her current role. Ms. Pospechova has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University VUT Brno.