Fiber twitter chatAs someone who lives in a rural neighborhood, one of the most exciting things we have happening is a new Internet service provider coming in to provide fiber-to the-home (FTTH). Since I work in the industry, I know what it means for our small city to have the ability to offer this service. But as I talk to my friends and neighbors about it, they all ask the same question:

“What does having fiber mean?”

I tell them about the capabilities of what fiber can do, compared to the offerings we currently have. I talk about fiber’s ability to keep up with the growing needs of bandwidth in their homes. I talk about how the companies that they use every day for media streaming, social media, online shopping or even their cellular service all rely on fiber optics to keep up with needs of customers like themselves. When they ask me how I know all this, I tell them, “I work for CommScope. It’s what we do.”

Just like my neighbors and friends, I know that even our customers and partners have questions about fiber. We are hosting an hour-long chat on our Twitter page on all things fiber on Thursday, Aug. 30 at 11 am EDT (4 pm GMT). The following CommScope fiber optic experts—me included—will be online to answer questions about several topics, such as multimode and singlemode fiber, automation, industry standards and more:

CLICK TO TWEET: Mark your calendars for a Twitter chat on all things fiber Aug. 30.

CommScope’s long history with fiber optics in data centers, outside plant, enterprise buildings and carrier networks gives a unique and all-encompassing view of fiber’s effect on daily lives.  CommScope continues to innovate with fiber optics bringing new technology and applications to market, as well providing ways to manage the increasing complexity that are fiber networks.  Our subject matter experts range from people trained in overall network strategy to the technical details of the applications of fiber in the networks of today and the future. 

Tune in on August 30, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s chat. Use the hashtag #CommTweets to follow along and join the conversation. 

Do you have questions we should prepare to answer?

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Jason Bautista manages Market Development and Enterprise Strategy for Workspace Solutions at CommScope. He joined the Strategy and Market Development team in 2017 after joining CommScope in 2015 through the BNS acquisition from TE Connectivity. The team works to identify, analyze and monitor external and internal environments with a primary focus on strategic revenue enhancement directives of growth, profitability, and sustainability. Jason has more than 17 years of experience in the networking industry having held various customer facing positions in product development, marketing and support for a diverse range of networks and customers across the globe.

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