Utility Grade Infrastructure solutions

Interconnected technologies make smart buildings more efficient, secure, reliable and agile—ultimately improving their performance. The challenge lies in integrating connectivity solutions without adding complexity and cost.

Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURESM (UTG) is a new technology platform, assurance program and design approach that pushes the possibilities in smart building performance by bridging the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) on a single converged network.

The UTG program includes:

  • Utility-ready structured cabling solutions from CommScope
  • Advanced power delivery through definite testing of UTG-rated cabling solutions
  • Third-party verification of all claims by UL

UTG is flexible enough to scale and integrate emerging and enhanced technologies while managing multiple systems that require advanced power distribution, more bandwidth and seamless connectivity. 

These include:

  • Building environmental control automation
  • Security monitoring and surveillance
  • Digital signage systems
  • Enhanced power over ethernet (POE) applications
  • Internet of things devices and sensors

We worked alongside Anixter, UL and other industry leaders to develop UTG performance standards and UTG-rated infrastructure cabling solutions. These future-ready solutions are flexible and adaptive to changing business needs—surpassing the boundaries of traditional cabling standards. All of our solutions are backed by a reliable, responsive network of manufacturing, logistics and expertise.

UL independently tests and verifies our UTG ratings for optimal application assurance and design on a single building platform. UTG uses real-world, definitive application testing, as well as industry-first UTG-exclusive testing protocols. 

Our UTG solutions:

  • Exceed UL standards
  • Support extended transmission distances
  • Support next-generation Wi-Fi technology
  • Deliver higher bandwidth capabilities
  • Support 4K streaming at extended distances
  • Increase bundling for more POE applications
  • Support higher frames per second and lower compression with video surveillance
  • Provide consistent wireless coverage at extended distances
  • Reduce square footage and construction costs

Take advantage of your building’s full potential with Utility Grade infrastructure solutions from CommScope.

Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURE (UTG) is a service mark of Anixter Inc.

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