7770356-0002   |   CAP L 17E/17E/19/19 C-DC-F1

Carrier Access Point with 4-Band Support for Low Power AWS 1700 MIMO and PCS 1900 MIMO Applications, Copper Fed, External DC Powered, with Fan Kit

Product Classification  
Brand   Era™
Product Type   Access point
General Specifications  
Note   Detailed Product Specifications are available. Please contact your local CommScope representative.
Power Type   Low
Electrical Specifications  
Impedance   50 ohm
License Band   AWS 1700   |   PCS 1900
Voltage Range   -60 to -36 Vdc
Electrical Specifications Rx (Uplink)  
Operating Frequency Band   1710 – 1780 MHz (AWS 1700)   |   1850 – 1915 MHz (PCS 1900)
System Gain Range, nominal   +5 dB to +26 dB
System Input ICP-3, out of sub-band   -5 dBm
System Noise Figure   9.0 dB
System Noise Figure Tolerance   ±2 dB
Electrical Specifications Tx (Downlink)  
System Gain Range, nominal   +5 dB to +26 dB
Mechanical Specifications  
RF Antenna Port 2, Band Assignment   17E/19
Environmental Specifications  
Ingress Protection Test Method   IEC 60529:2001, IP67
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