PIM-guard Expansion Bracket - expands PG-CS08 Cable Support Bracket to 23 Ports. For patents, see

Product Classification  
Brand   PIM-guard
Product Type   Support bracket
Height   55.9 mm   |   2.2 in
Length   101.6 mm   |   4.0 in
Weight   0.8 kg   |   1.7 lb
Width   457.2 mm   |   18.0 in
General Specifications  
Cable Runs, quantity   17
Hole Size   3/4 in   |   7/16 in
Hole, quantity   17
Material Type   Hot dip galvanized steel
Package Quantity   1
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system


Product Information

Environment Health and Safety

Assembly Drawing

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